The Venusians is first of all a charity taking charge of men undergoing abuse by harsh women who either are waging war to them in work, either in the family using them as sperm donors and then the kids to rip the men off their money. We fight this sort of double prostitution, seeking the true meaning of the sacred feminine. The name of the founder, Alessandra, derives from the greek alexein, “to defend”, andros, “men.” Her father chose it, she made of it a standpoint.

You can write to show your support or disagree with our views, but most importantly men who feels abused and bankrupt unfairly by a woman can ask the support of our lawyers and psychologists. Testimony of abuses are helpful and will be published anonymously or not, according to the wishes of the victim.

We want to raise awareness in the international human right’s field that men are totally discredited for a discrimination that current gender terrorists are promoting towards them while belittling themselves.