Sexual Terrorism

Strictly connected to gender terrorism while spinning around the healthism excess, there’s sexual terrorism.

According to the media and the massive propaganda we hear everyday, sex is very dangerous and there’s only a solution for it, which involves a latex barrier: using a condom, or even worse, a femidom!!!! Yes because for feminists letting men buy condoms was a form of sexism, so they needed their gadget from the latex industry… Hence the same enthusiastic women who bragged about the invention of the contraceptive pill are the ones who nowadays think they’ll solve rape in Africa with that disgusting channel called Femidom (in my hand in the pic below). According to me, there should be a latex rain on Africa so we’d solve the problem once and for all since viruses and infections come straight from there and other developing countries.

My better idea for a more beautiful connection between the genders anyway is making easily available the disposable tests, so that a small puncture that anyone can do by him/herself would give a safe result 7 minutes later. One dot means that the blood is not infected and the couple can have pleasant and healthy sex asap.

Moreover, condoms are not that safe… what if they break? In sex like in all fields, prevention is better than contraception!

So, don’t get scared, until we die there’s just too much to enjoy without earring bullshit from the terrible extremists who praise gendercide.

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