Beauty Will Save The World

How many people think that feminism has gone too far? Our bet is, many.

We campaign to protect the differences between males and females fighting the current phenomena of gender terrorism led by fierce and shameless feminists. We are not ashamed of our bodies and we like to use it to bring joy and keep endorphins high, not to make war to men pursuing their careers.

Making love and being mothers is enough of a primary job!!!

Set an example you can enjoy.

If by prostitute you mean someone who receives favours and jewellery in exchange for affection and pleasure, we all are. (The Spy. A Novel Of Mata Hari, Paulo Coelho)

Alessandra, The Protectress of Mankind.

Support the cause

To show your support to the Venusians, and to help us keep growing, your donations would be very much appreciated. Moreover we need to have funds to join lawyers, psychiatrists, fiscal consultants and doctors around the globe working for the association in giving free consultancy to men who underwent abuse by feminists. To donate more, which would of course be appreciated since we need time and energy to bring on this ideal, please contact us. Get engaged with the cause!


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